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The wine economy is increasingly globalized

A CTO who debuted his career in Burgundy now signs major deals in New Zealand; a cellar master in Médoc uses her skills to secure new investments in China while another brings his extensive knowledge to California. More and more, these encounters between investors and talent cross over from one culture and wine-growing region to another. Elzéar Wine & Spirit triggers and facilitates recruitments that lead to success stories such as these.

By diversifying their experiences, candidates develop their skills while offering an increasingly rich palette of expertise to future employers. Elzéar Wine & Spirit assists job-seekers in this process, thereby ensuring that decision-makers acquire the best technical, financial and commercial talent for their vineyards and cellars.

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Two strong beliefs led to the creation of Elzéar Wine & Spirit:

Executive search is a profession. It’s dictated by specific methods and know-how.

Careers in winegrowing and winemaking evolve in an increasingly globalized world. Identifying and assessing talent in this sector requires special expertise.

Elzéar Executive Search has been a recognized player in direct approach recruiting since 2006, sourcing talent to meet its clients’ needs both in France and abroad.

The partners at Elzéar decided to offer the wine industry a specialized team made up of professionals with experience in the wine business, exclusively dedicated to recruiting in this sector.

Elzéar Wine & Spirit appartient au groupe Elzéar Executive Search, dont l’ensemble des équipes se tient à votre service :

Thibaud de Prémare


Franck Jullié


Emmanuel Pilard

Consultant senior


Franck jullié

Jullié is a small village surrounded by vineyards in France’s Burgundy region. There, winemaking has been a part of village life since the Gallo-Roman period. Franck’s passion for wine...


Thibaud has been scouting rare, cutting-edge talent for his entrepreneurial clients for 20 years, finding the profiles they need to successfully manage and grow their businesses...


Elzéar Wine & Spirit relies on the methods of excellence used by Elzéar Group to identify and assess talent in both France and abroad.

Understanding the client’s project and needs

We establish transparent, trust-based relationships with our clients, placing our initial focus on gaining a complete understanding of their project:

  • What challenges is their brand or product currently facing?
  • What type of wines do they wish to obtain?
  • What resources are available to them, in which winegrowing areas?
  • What is the overarching business project?

Identifying the requirements

Our knowledge of the candidate market and our compensation studies give our clients an idea of where they stand on the market. It also allows us to guide them in drafting job descriptions and the associated specifications.

Our approach

For each executive search, we identify and make direct contact with the candidates whose profiles match the job description. Our global network of winemakers is an excellent recruiting ground and an invaluable source of contacts.


For each candidate search, our policy is to propose a shortlist within six weeks. Throughout the process, we provide a weekly progress report to our clients.

Final decision and follow-up

We provide assistance to our clients in making their final hiring decision and negotiating the new employment contract.


An eye for detail

Our candidate selection process is based on a rigorous evaluation of their technical or managerial skills. But it is by paying close attention to detail that we identify the best candidates, and it’s our passion for recruiting that drives us to establish a candid, two-way, engaged and in-depth dialogue with them.

A long-term commitment

‘Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well.’
Upholding our commitments in terms of responsiveness, quality and transparency toward our clients is an integral part of our DNA. Our aim is to help ensure the long-term success of our clients and candidates.